We connect all your business data to give you the reports you need, when you need them & wherever you are.

illuminis, Improving profits, saving time for SME business

Our Octelas reporting software automatically pulls all of your business data, budgets, targets and forecasts into a single secure system.

Unleash the power of your business data with Octelas

Accessing Data

Octelas automatically pulls your business data to produce instant reports

Dynamic Reporting

Look at your data from every angle, filter and drill down into detailed reports

Increase Profits

Use your business data to discover hidden opportunities

Save Time And Resource

Octelas contains hundreds of ready-made reports ready to go

Customise Access

Allow or restrict users and groups access to areas of data

Skilled Developers

You can call on us anytime for advice on getting the best out of your business data

Push Reporting

Octelas automatically sends email alerts to help you manage your business even better

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Customer Portal

Add value by giving your customers direct access to selected data

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Why Choose Octelas?

If you are drowning in data and spreadsheets, Octelas can help you recover days of time. You get the reports you need every day to run your business as efficiently as possible.

No fuss. No bother. Just results.

illuminis, Improving profits, saving time for SME business

Octelas Dashboard Report - Top 10 customers and sales performance compared to last year
Octelas Report - Sales perfomrance by month with comparison to previous year and target

Our customers love Octelas

Illuminis, Improving profits, saving time for SME business

Marshall Amplification 2:41

Worldwide brand selling guitar amps to rock musicians of the world.

Equilibrium 4:02

Manufacturer of health products for horses

Kinesis 2:52

Distributor of scientific consumables and servicing of laboratory equipment

How Octelas Can Work For You

illuminis, Improving profits, saving time for SME business

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illuminis, Improving profits, saving time for SME business