We connect all your business data 24/7 to give you the information you need, when you need it & wherever you are.

Illuminis, powering decision making for SME business

What we do

Our Octelas software automatically pulls all of your accounting and other business data, budgets and forecasts into a single secure system comprising a suite of reports ready to be fully customised by our data analysts to your exact needs.

Using our acclaimed filter system, you can quickly and easily interrogate the data yourself to get the answers you need to ensure you are always right on top of all your key business issues. 

Updated every day, Octelas provides instant access to your data, saving you hours of time.

Illuminis, powering decision making for SME business.

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Why Choose Octelas?

Every day your business produces vast amounts of data from multiple different sources – from accounting systems to excel spreadsheets; CRM systems to supplier data systems and everything in between! Sorting and sifting this data, just to run your business effectively day by day is a whole job in itself, right?

At Illuminis, we believe software should be simplicity itself to use. That’s why we developed Octelas to be completely intuitive in use and no more difficult to navigate than an online shopping trolley.

If you are drowning in data and spreadsheets, find out how Octelas can help you recover days of time and get you the information you need every day to run your business as efficiently as possible. No fuss. No bother. Just results.

Illuminis, powering decision making for SME business


Our customers love Octelas

Illuminis, powering decision making for SME business

Marshall Amplification 2:41

Worldwide brand selling guitar amps to rock musicians of the world.

Equilibrium 4:02

Manufacturer of health products for horses

Kinesis 2:52

Distributor of scientific consumables and servicing of laboratory equipment

How Octelas can work for you

Illuminis, powering decision making for SME business