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Business Reporting with Octelas

  • Replaces spreadsheets

  • Connects to data from ERPs

  • Connects to any data source

  • Connects to target data

  • Connects to legacy systems

  • Automatically collects data

  • Includes standard reports

  • Includes bespoke reports

  • No skills required

  • Custom security levels

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Unleash the power of your business data with Octelas

Accessing data

Octelas automatically pulls your business data to produce instant reports

Dynamic Reporting

Look at your data from every angle, filter and drill down into detailed reports

Increase Profits

Use your business data to discover hidden opportunities

Save Time And Resource

Octelas contains hundreds of ready-made reports ready to go

Customise Access

Allow or restrict users and groups access to areas of data

Skilled Developers

You can call on us anytime for advice on getting the best out of your business data

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Help for working at home With mass home working the ‘new normal’ for management, can you fully access your accounting information easily through your ERP software to get answers to your critical business queries whenever you need them? Most ERP systems have excellent core features - from recording [...]

Self-Service BI for Your Customers

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The best customer experience Working remotely with secure intelligent business information (BI) software, such as Octelas from illuminis, will almost certainly make your business the first choice for your customers. Allowing customers access to their own account with you, through a secure Octelas customer portal, provides a self-service [...]

Know Your Customers Buying Habits

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The Value of Octelas Pivot Reports Within a sophisticated digital business information system such as Octelas from illuminis, Pivot Reports gather seemingly unrelated packets of data together and then show comparisons – an example is the report you get on Amazon of the “customers who bought this also [...]

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