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Getting You More From Your Sage Reporting

You know Sage. You trust Sage. The last thing you need is to get to grips with a new accounting tool in order to get more out of your business data. At illuminis, we don’t believe you should have to. Getting more from your business data shouldn’t be about reinventing the wheel, it should be about making the most of what  you have.

Think your business is too small for BI? Think again

Our easy-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) tool Octelas is designed with the needs of SMEs in mind. It integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure to help you get more from your Sage reporting, and provide easier access to the data you need. In an ever-changing and volatile business climate, we can help you stay agile with responsive, data-led decision-making.

Excellence without Excel

It’s time to stop wasting time with cumbersome spreadsheets and unleash the true potential of your Sage data. Our BI tool is highly customisable and supplemented with expert consultations and guidance from our dedicated team of experts.

Get the human touch in an automated world

We’re proud of our versatile and infinitely customisable BI tool. However, we’re even more proud of the personalised consulting that we provide for each client. There’s no extra charge for this service. We provide access to both our tools and our experts. Because you can’t have true business intelligence without both!

Unlock Sage’s true potential

Sage is a great tool. We can make it even better! We’re ready to transform the way you look at your Sage data. Are you? Get in touch today to secure your FREE zero-obligation demo.