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“I consider Octelas Business Reporting from illuminis to be the best Sales Budget System I’ve experienced during 30 years in International Sales. Our business moved from unwieldy and time-consuming spreadsheets, to a tailored and insightful software system which saves time, improves accuracy, and provides confidence in our budget projections for the sales team and the overall business. Our component distribution service is worldwide, working with multiple suppliers, brands and product lines while managing currency fluctuations to understand our gross profit and gross margin projections. This information is updated daily through Octelas combining all of our data sources into a powerful tool giving instant access to past and current performance, enabling the team to share information and create the most accurate budgets.”
David Chinn-Shaw, Managing Director, Dalroad Norso Ltd
GTK a volex company

“Octelas Business Reporting software from illuminis has transformed our business over the last four years. We were really struggling to extract meaningful and timely data out of our systems and needed to find a solution to make this data available to everyone in a format that suited them. Paul North understood what our business needed from the onset and helpfully tailored the software to our requirements. Octelas has improved the way we work and allows us to make decisions based on up to date information. Monitoring trends is now very simple, quick and the software has allowed us to improve all areas of the business whilst providing a better service to our customers.

The Octelas team continue to give a first-class service to our company. Finding and installing Octelas was one of our best business decisions, saving time and providing enormous efficiency gains throughout the business.  We have much greater clarity across all departments leading to smarter and faster decision making and Octelas has quickly become an essential business tool for our business.”

Frank Henning, Managing Director, GTK (UK) Ltd

“We have been using Octelas Business Reporting software for over five years now and despite the recent challenges for businesses operating in a global marketplace and a Pandemic, we have been able to review and re-set our company thanks to the flexibility and operating ease of Octelas. With such intuitive reporting software, we have a firm understanding of every aspect of our business which is informing us of new ways to manage our survival and grow.”

Michael Farnon, Managing Director, Micronics Ltd
Tinware direct

“I love the ease of use of Octelas, needing virtually no training for our staff. It allows us to have the data we need presented in exactly the format we want – we don’t have to choose from a limited set of reports or indulge in hours of complex data extraction and modelling – what we want is instantly available. This allows us to make better, faster decisions or delve into anomalies in our sales in seconds. The push reporting function also means that issues are instantly highlighted and reported to the necessary person for action, we don’t have to remember to look for issues, or undertake monthly checks – it means the data is used to drive our business making us ever more efficient. It is a fantastic system, one I can’t praise enough.”

David Lewsley, Finance Director, Tinware

“We have been delighted with how Paul has tailored Octelas to what we need for forecasting.  It is one of the most important systems in our business – we would be blind without it.”

Margaret Donnelly, Managing Director, Equilibrium Products Ltd
Marshall Amps

“The system was easy to install, the system is cost-effective to us, and it delivers the quality of data that I needed.”

Jon Ellery, Managing Director, Marshall Amplification
GTK a volex company

“Get everything you need within a few clicks, rather than creating custom excel reports”

Chas Shale, Operations Director, GTK (UK) Ltd

“If we are having a conversation about something we can run a report there and then while sitting at our desks or if we are sitting outside a customers and can even run a report on a smartphone”

Margaret Donnelly, Managing Director & Alison Sherwood-Bruce Sales Director, Equilibrium Products Ltd

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