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Our Vision

At illuminis, we believe business reports should be self service and need no IT skill to navigate. Our reports can be accessed on any device, any time, any place. As a result, business owners, managers and employees can benefit, at every level of the business Secure and capable of being shared, with full or restricted access as needed. No IT skills needed. Enabling every user to work to the best of their ability. We call this Data Democracy.

Our Core Values

Three core design values underpin Octelas and drive everything we do: first, an unshakeable commitment to simplicity in use; second, the capability to meet all the key reporting needs of SME businesses, regardless of sector; and third, the flexibility to enable every installation to be highly customised to the exact needs of the client with minimal bespoke coding.

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Octelas Business Software by Illuminis UK

Our Background

illuminis is a team of software developers and data analysts dedicated to meeting the data needs of SMEs. Since our formation in 2012, illuminis has helped many SMEs to use software applications to manage and improve access to their business data.

Deep knowledge of accounting systems

We believe in continuous team training and development, across a range of competences, in order to embed these three core design values.

As a result, we can demonstrate deep knowledge of the structure of company accounting systems across many of the well-known ERP platforms (including Sage; One Advanced, Microsoft, SAP, Xero; etc). This same expertise has enabled us to link to complex ERP systems such IBM AS400 as well as the restful API interfaces used by many cloud platforms (such as Xero).

Similarly, an ability to incorporate the accounting standards and tax regimes of alternative jurisdictions has enabled Octelas to be installed on 4 continents with English, German and Italian language options and more under development.

How We Work With You

We know that your business data is a key asset of your business. Because of this, we take your data security very seriously.

Installed and working for you in one day, we continue to work with you to tailor the reports to your exact needs. You give us a call to tell us of any changes you would like. We log in remotely and make the change. Its that quick and easy. Typically, two to six weeks is all the time needs for you to be completely satisfied with your reports.

After the set-up period, we will still be here to help you.

Illuminis Business Reporting Software UK
Paul North Illuminis Founder and Octelas Developer

Paul North

Paul trained at Wellcome Foundation as an analytical chemist. By chance, he got to write a laboratory management program to run on a very early PC. Ultimately this led him into a new career as an IT consultant. Working with SMEs, he knew they struggled to access information about their business.

Instinctively, Paul knew there had to be a cost-effective software solution. The outcome is “Octelas” business intelligence software.

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