Paul North, Founder and Managing Director
Paul says he “fell into” software development whilst working as an analytical chemist at Welcome Foundation. He wrote a laboratory system to run on one of the very early PCs and the hobby led to a career change helping SMEs with their data issues. Based on his many years experience, Paul developed the business intelligence software “Octelas” specifically for the SME market.
Our Vision

At Illuminis, we believe in Data Democracy: namely that every business owner, manager and employee should have direct access to the business data they need, when and how they need it, to enable them to work to the best of their ability on a self service basis and with no more skill than required to operate an on-line shopping trolley.

Our Background

Illuminis is a team software developers and data analysts dedicated to meeting the data needs of owner managed businesses led by our Founder and Managing Director, Paul North. Since our formation in 2012, Illuminis has helped many owner managed businesses to use software applications to manage and improve access to their business data. Directly as a result of the knowledge gained, Paul set out to develop software which business managers and their teams could operate for themselves with no IT knowledge or training and which did away entirely with all the time consuming and frustrating number crunching previously needed just to stay on top of routine, day to day business issues. The result is Octelas business intelligence software.