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Push emails – a simple quick win to help you manage distance working

Home working looks set to stay in one form or another, creating its own challenges. When you no longer have full visibility over day to day operations, you need some new ways to ensure that customer service is still as slick as ever and not starting to drop away.

Business intelligence software joins all your systems together and can include routine “push emails” as a simple but highly effective way to get a handle on this.

A short email to the right person – sent automatically when a pre-agreed event is triggered is often all that is needed to keep things on track.

It could be as simple as automatically flagging when a customer account is opened with insufficient data or a crucial deadline about to be missed – the options are endless.

Trial and error will get the balance right but as well as giving you confidence that things are working as they should, equally staff working remotely are often reassured to know that the system is “awake” and can spot when they inadvertently miss something of importance. In other words, the kind of minor error that in the past would eventually have been spotted by another team member, but perhaps only after considerable and costly delays.

Octelas business intelligence software includes push emails as standard and, with access to our data analyst team whenever you need it, you can start small and build up a full suite of “reminders” as you go, at no extra cost.

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With all your data sources automatically combined into a single database, every day or in real time as needed, Octelas gives every manager in the business the information he needs in one click, securely and with no skill needed. To find out more, check us out at and click here for a demo or call us on 01908 410480 and let us tell you how we can help you get the knowledge you need, every day, from your business systems.