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Get your whole team searching for new sales opportunities

To grow back your profits after Covid, every opportunity has to be exploited to the max.

Your business knowledge is your untapped secret weapon. The data sitting in your ERP system and your stock and purchasing systems; in spreadsheets and even in your head, tells the whole story of where your company is today – and crucially, where to focus for quick wins.

If your sales team knows exactly what your customers are buying day by day, spotting opportunities for more sales is easy. When finance has granular detail on every business cost, you can generate more revenue. Operations can match stock directly to production capacity.

To achieve this, easy access to reliable up-to-date information is key.

Mix the right data with the shared knowledge and expertise of your team and something truly powerful occurs. Not only does it become completely obvious where to focus immediate efforts but you get the added bonus of everyone buying into a common purpose.

Octelas business reporting software delivers easy-read, self-service access to the right information, updated every day or in real time.

Installed in just a few days, Octelas is cost effective and customised to your exact needs, with every team member able to see for themselves how their particular area is doing and how it fits into the big picture. Access to our data analyst team comes as part of the deal, included in your monthly fee So guided by them, you can be confident of getting best use out of your data.

At a fraction of the cost of big name products, Octelas allows your team to look across the entire business dataset quickly and easily, every day, looking for opportunities.

Don’t just take our word for it: click here to find out what our clients say.

With all your data sources automatically combined into a single database, every day or in real time as needed, Octelas gives every manager in the business the information he needs in one click, securely and with no skill needed. To find out more, check us out at and click here for demo or call us on 01908 410480 and let us tell you how we can help you get the knowledge you need, every day, from your business systems.