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Team up with illuminis and get the Access Dimensions reports you really want

The illuminis business intelligence solution gives you excellent, easy to use Octelas software plus the advice you need, when you need it from our team of expert data analysts, all for a single monthly fee. You get the reports you have always wanted with no effort or skill needed on your part.

Access Dimensions reports you can actually use

Your business is unique. So is the way you use your Access Dimensions system. A “one size fits all” approach just doesn’t cut it. Which is why the illuminis solution gives you drillable, self-service reports, completely tailored to your specific needs.

Cost effective access to data for all your people

When you partner with Illuminis, your Access Dimensions data can be shared quickly and easily across your entire team, with no need to buy more Access licences.

Spreadsheets are not the answer!

Spreadsheets do a great job of handling one-off calculations, but as a management tool they quickly become difficult to manage. The illuminis business intelligence solution is designed to replace them with an easy to use, fast software solution.


All your data in one place

Your Access Dimensions data sits at the heart of your business. But you have lots of other data too and all of it is important. When you partner with illuminis it becomes our job to link all of your data sources together into one place, updated automatically every day or in real time.


One stop shop Access Dimensions reporting

The illuminis business intelligence solution expands your routine reporting to include all of your business data and not just the data in Access Dimensions.

So that will be spreadsheets holding operational budgets and targets, perhaps some stock management data and maybe some CRM data. It really doesn’t matter. It can all be linked together in a single database. The whole point is to get all of your data sources linked up and talking to each other.

Illuminis is the one-stop shop for SME reporting, combining excellent easy to use software with specialist advice and support which is always on tap – so getting exactly the reports you need in one click when you need them is easy and included in the single monthly fee.

Why illuminis?

In this short video our Founder, Paul North explains why our Octelas business intelligence software is the ideal complement to your Access Dimensions software.