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5 reasons you should clean up your data – easily and FAST

Cleaning up data errors allows your business to gear up for growth

Business intelligence software gives you detailed reports about what’s happening day by day and in real time in your business. But that’s only part of the story.
Every business has substantial amounts of data – indeed it’s a mountain which grows larger every day. It’s a commonplace to say that data is only as good as it is accurate or “clean” and here’s where the headache for the average SME really kicks in.

The easy, quick & permanent solution to the headache of raw data

With unsifted, raw data, often built up over many years, it is tempting just to throw up your hands and declare that nothing can be done to sort this out. Its just too difficult; time consuming and expensive.
SMEs need a cost effective, “hands off” solution to this burden as never before. The problems caused by unmanaged data are as significant as they ever were and have just been compounded in 2020 by the impact of Covid.
At Illuminis we know the importance of taking SME businesses on a journey, over time and without either excessive cost or disruption to day to day running, to deliver not just first class business intelligence but also a consistent process of managing their data to best effect.

Unmanaged raw data clogs up processes and depresses profit

Without business reporting software delivering reliable data, managers are forced to rely on instinct – otherwise known as guesswork! – to make the key decisions upon which the future direction of their businesses will depend.
However what isn’t as well known, and so is often overlooked, is the direct impact of unmanaged data on the efficiency of business operations and, consequently, on profits.

Avoiding data inputting errors leads to improved customer experience

At Illuminis, we can point to very many examples of how Octelas business reporting software has highlighted inaccurate or missing data, any of which carry the risk of damaging customer relationships. Simple examples include incomplete fields in customer records; products sitting in the wrong grouping or orders placed with no approval date or missing key data.
By linking all your data sources together and spotting the inconsistencies for you, Octelas can help to significantly improve customer experience by using email alerts sent directly to the relevant teams. So for example emails to accounts and warehouse teams can be set up to ensure that goods “on stop” in warehouse are released immediately outstanding accounts are paid.
Likewise, credit control teams can be prompted to approve new customers in a timely manner.
Changes to expected delivery dates can be notified to sales teams who can keep customers up to date with the latest information.

Good data management will highlight lost sales, automatically

Unexpected low volume purchase orders placed by customers can be highlighted. Similarly, customers who suddenly change the pattern of their regular orders may mean they have switched suppliers – Octelas can alert both the sales and buying teams to take action.

Join up data sources to identify gross profit margin on every sale

Without easy, one click access to joined-up data it is virtually impossible to check gross margin on every individual sale. The data exists but it is just too difficult and time consuming to get to it except via reporting software. Consequently pricing errors are often missed and – worse still – may even be adopted as standard, with some customers enjoying low prices that no-one is aware of!
Routines set up to alert you to low margin sales or stock purchases at above standard price can save you £000’s.

Octelas business intelligence software adds value to your day to day

Business reporting software is often viewed as a valuable but passive management tool. From Illuminis perspective, the opposite is true – SMEs in particular need software which can help them link all data sources, manage errors, identify incomplete data and improve business processes as well as delivering full data analysis.
Octelas is designed to meet all of these needs from installation. From day 1, Illuminis team of data analysts are on hand, by email or phone, to help you make the most of the system. In easy stages, they will help you to cleanse and then keep up to date all your business data as well as help you fix areas of the business which may be under performing.
All of this wrapped up into a simple, single monthly fee.

One click business reports and data analyst support designed for SMEs

At Illuminis we understand the data needs of SMEs. We have helped them access and manage their data for many years.
Excellent one click reporting is a given but so is a hassle free way for SMEs to handle the key areas of data cleansing and process management.
From the outset Octelas will apply rules to send email alerts automatically, all personalised to your exact needs.
In this way, as well as delivering excellent business reporting, Octelas adds real value to management of your business processes, just some of which are highlighted above.
We know that there is very little advice available to the average SME business on how to use its business data to increase profits and grow.
So we designed Octelas business reporting software especially for SMEs: it is simple to use; cost effective and installed in just a couple of days. Typical return on investment is 6 months and the monthly access fee includes access to our team of data analysts. Think of it as having your own, in-house data analyst on tap at all times to help you get to the exact reports you need, in one click.