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Replace your spreadsheets completely with Octelas business intelligence software

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Is your company still wasting precious hours cranking out all kinds of management reports, using clunky, old and unreliable spreadsheets?

By the time you get to analyse the data…it’s almost always out of date.

Haven’t you heard? The whole data analysing process has evolved.

As you know, the data within your accounting system is vitally important because it can help create a picture of how well your company is performing.

Now, what if, with just one or two clicks of a mouse, you could instantly reveal up-to-the-minute trading figures?

What if, within a minute, you could run a full transaction management report, a stock control report, a sales performance report or create an accurate trading forecast?

What if you could track and monitor every stage of your company’s marketing process, checking performances against budgets or targets … how valuable would that be?

Octelas is the new, simple to install, business intelligence program from Illuminis, one of the UK’s most innovative business software development companies.

Octelas simply integrates with your existing accounting software, and other business programs, drilling down then filtering specific data to reveal vital information, which you might never have realised even existed.

Octelas has been specially designed for SMEs and is fully customisable, very easy to use and gives you the full, current picture of how your company is performing.

It allows you to run accurate up-to-date reports in seconds, not hours or days.

There’s no need to employ costly data analysts to discover ways of connecting data to create new working practices.

It also allows access to specific data… for any groups or individuals, working in the company at any location.

Octelas can also be securely and conveniently accessed on any internet connected device.

It’s the intuitive, self-managed, cost-effective solution for data analysis.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed your business data without it

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