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Sales Budgeting

Creating a Sales Budget Plan

During these challenging times many companies, particularly SME’s, are looking at different ways to market their products and services, possibly looking at new markets and certainly tackling uncertainties that a combination of Covid 19 and Brexit may present. Spotting trends and forward planning to create and monitor that all-important, sales budget plan is always top of the priority list.

The budget process is clear, to estimate the sales revenue and sales overheads for a particular period, ensuring sensible utilisation of resources creating higher profitability and less wastage.

The priorities may alter by market sector, but common ground includes a combination of research into previous sales data, comparing sales of consecutive periods, purchasing patterns, sales team performance and studying market trends that should jump out of your existing data, providing you have easy access to every data source.

Far too many companies are still relying on a rain forest of spreadsheets, which rely completely on timely updates and department teamwork to keep the information up to date and reliable.

Illuminis developed Octelas business reporting software to move the daily management of the business into a new era of digital simplicity. For a sensible investment and very little software expertise, management teams can access all data relevant to creating a reliable sales budget monthly, quarterly and annually with flexibility to adjust to market trends.

Octelas joins up your current ERP with all other data sources into one place, providing access to a tailored range of joined up reports, updated daily, that makes the sales budget process faster and far more accurate. The system allows companies to drill down into all data to allow management to make informed decisions about the future, backed up by reliable data that can be shared with colleagues on computer, tablet or phone. Knowledge is key and speed and agility set your business above the competition.

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  • Replaces spreadsheets

  • Connects to data from ERPs

  • Connects to any data source

  • Connects to target data

  • Connects to legacy systems

  • Automatically collects data

  • Includes standard reports

  • Includes tailored reports

  • No skills required

  • Custom security levels

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What Our Clients Say…

Marshall Amplification

“The system was easy to install, the system is cost-effective to us, and it delivers the quality of data that I needed.”

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Dalroad Norso Ltd

“I consider Octelas Business Reporting from illuminis to be the best Sales Budget System I’ve experienced during 30 years in International Sales. Our business moved from unwieldy and time-consuming spreadsheets, to a tailored and insightful software system which saves time, improves accuracy, and provides confidence in our budget projections for the sales team and the overall business. Our component distribution service is worldwide, working with multiple suppliers, brands and product lines while managing currency fluctuations to understand our gross profit and gross margin projections. This information is updated daily through Octelas combining all of our data sources into a powerful tool giving instant access to past and current performance, enabling the team to share information and create the most accurate budgets.”

David Chinn-Shaw, Dalroad Norso Ltd 

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Octelas automatically pulls your business data to produce instant reports

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Use your business data to discover hidden opportunities

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Octelas contains hundreds of ready-made reports ready to go

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Allow or restrict users and groups access to areas of data

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