Illuminis systems are competitively priced depending on your specific business needs.  We are happy to talk to you and take a good look at your data (under a Non-Disclosure Agreement) before quoting a price for your specific installation.

Our pricing structure has two parts:

 Consultation and installation

Every Octelas installation is as different as the needs of each of our clients.

We work with you to help identify the best way in which our reporting solution can add the most value to your business.  Once this is done, the system is installed and  configured so that you end up with a fully working solution.  But… we know that once you see the power of what can be done with your data you will want more – “if only I had known I could have asked for that to be included”. We include configuration tweaks and adjustments in our consultation and installation price.

Typically this is from £4,900

 Monthly Access Fee

Starting one month after installation this covers:

  • use of the system for all users
  • technical support and additional tweaking of the configuration
  • access to the latest version of the software

For up to 20 users this is £450 per month.