Is your company ready for NEW global trading?

As the UK leaves the EU, new and exciting global trading opportunities are going to emerge in the coming months. Now is also the time to make a health check on the impact of how you manage foreign currency transactions as part of your business reporting, to keep on top of currency fluctuations that may occur. illuminis has an easy to use software tool, Octelas, which digitally produces accurate business reports, including flexible analyses in any currency your company is working in. It informs decisions on currency conversion options to ensure transactions are delivering the gross margin you’re looking for. As a digital platform the information can be shared easily with your teams.

foreign currency sales

This is how it works…

Once your business data from all sources: accounting; CRM; spreadsheets, and workflow, is pulled into Octelas we can apply rules to enable you to see, automatically every day, the impact of the currency conversions on your business results. You can immediately compare sales results, for example, in the original currency with the same results when converted to your base currency. We understand accounting systems and are currently helping clients settle on the approach best suited to their business reporting and have a lot of experience to share with you. We can assist you to understand the impact of the various options, helping to make a complex issue a lot more intelligible.

paul north

illuminis Founder Paul North said “The UK is leaving the EU and entering a new global phase of opportunity, post Brexit. We can help SME’s prepare during the 2020 transition period. Our Octelas software is a cost effective solution to connect all your data sources, including spreadsheets, into a single database stored on your equipment or cloud server. It’s a flexible, easy to use system to take control of your data management needs and we have first -class data analysts to assist with installation and follow up. We have a fixed price installation agreed upfront and a simple monthly fee, you always know exactly where you stand with us.”

You can see Paul talking in more detail about reporting in foreign currencies in this video.

To finds out more, check us out on and try out the product for yourself with no obligation by logging onto our demo site at You can call us on 01908 410480 and we will be very happy to tell you more about our software for SMEs.