Our Highly Acclaimed Reporting Software
You use lots of different systems and spreadsheets to collect and hold your business data. No problem, Octelas can handle that.
Whatever sector you operate in. Octelas reporting software quickly and easily adapts to how you do things day to day. A sophisticated security layer means you can control exactly what data each member of your team gets to see.
Typically installed in one day, Octelas reporting software is self-service. That means it needs no training to use. Designed to be as easy to use as a typical online shopping trolley, navigating the software is easy peasy.
Octelas will track all your business-led budgets and targets. Whether you sell products or services your business type doesn’t matter: if you hold the data, Octelas can report against it.
Even if your business is multi-site or you use one or more accounting systems, Octelas delivers the same level of performance at both group and individual company level.
Once installed and throughout out the licence period, our data analysts are on hand. They will modify Octelas to suit your specific requirements and advise on getting the most out of your data.  
Trust Octelas to deliver one-click, accurate reports on your business data every day

illuminis, Improving profits, saving time for SME business

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Data Analyst
To install and assist
Detailed Reports
Connect all of your business data in one place

A sample of the systems our clients use

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Octelas improves profits and produces finance reports using Enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages such as SAP Business Online, Sage 50, Sage 200, MAMUT Business Software, MYOB, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Peachtree, FuseMetrix, Exchequer, access, metal, Kerridge Commercial Systems, Avante.com, eSolver sistemi, InforXA and Eque2..