As an SME manufacturer you will be using accounting/ERP software (examples include Sage & Iris Exchequer) to manage the processes in your business.  Behind these systems is a mass of information relating to, for example,  sales, purchasing and stock transactions which is generated as part of the normal day-to-day activities.

Accessing this data to create insightful information is critical to ensuring that you, your managers and other staff are able to make decisions based on facts and not intelligent guesswork.

Octelas Manufacturer is a sophisticated extraction and reporting platform that can be integrated with data from almost any business system but crucially is designed from the “bottom up” to be simple and intuitive in use.

The extraction of data from your systems is completely automatic, leaving you with the time and ability to get right inside what’s happening in the business.

“But don’t I need a data analyst to set it up?”

Absolutely not!  Our highly skilled staff will set-up the system in consultation with you and your team.  We know data, you know your manufacturing business – together we can build a highly customised installation that will start adding value from day one.

Our approach is not to spend days or weeks specifying all of the reporting and analytics that might be derived from your data.  We will get your fundamental data into our system very quickly so that you can easily access it and start to see the power of the information and insights that can be produced.

We can then continue to refine and develop the customisations and integration as you discover what can be achieved with our powerful but easy to use software.

Examples of what our  manufacturing clients typically get out of Octelas

Imagine being able to interrogate your data for yourself without any specialist skills and on any device connected to the Internet.  Here’s what you might get… and much more.


Personally it's probably saved me two or three days a month at least, possibly sometimes a day a week

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