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Octelas 50

Business Reporting for Sage 50 Users

Why Choose Octelas 50?

Octelas 50 drills into your Sage 50 data and other data sources producing in depth analysis of your business activity to help you refresh and grow your business.

Intuitive, digital reports are produced and can be shared selectively with colleagues on computer, tablet or smart phone.


Octelas 50 business reporting explained in 10 seconds

Business Reporting with Octelas 50

  • Replaces spreadsheets

  • Connects to data from ERPs

  • Connects to any data source

  • Connects to target data

  • Connects to legacy systems

  • Automatically collects data

  • Includes standard reports

  • Includes tailored reports

  • No skills required

  • Custom security levels

Click for a demo and see for yourself
Click for a demo and see for yourself

Our customers love Octelas

Equilibrium Products

“Octelas business reporting software from illuminis was the answer. It has transformed the way we do business.”

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Click for a demo and see yourself

Marshall Amplification

“The system was easy to install, the system is cost-effective to us, and it delivers the quality of data that I needed.”

  • Ease to use and implement
  • Saved days each month
  • Reduced complexity
  • Data accessible from anywhere by anyone
  • Web-based application

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Central Foods

“Like most businesses, the lockdown in March up-ended all of our plans for the year. Suddenly the focus was on cash-flow and stock turnover but, with many of our key staff on furlough, we had even fewer resources than usual.”

  • Post lockdown focus
  • Critical daily reports cash-flow and stock turnover
  • Easy consulting with illuminis team
  • Identifying aged debtors and stock use by dates
  • Flexible and time efficient service

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