illuminis RS Vareo and Asymmetric Regatta

illuminis RS Vareo and Asymmetric Regatta

After considered discussion with all parties, we have decided to postpone our June Sailing Regatta, including the RS Vareo Inland National Championships, until 11th-13th June 2021. This is due to the UK restrictions necessary to curb the spread of the Coronovirus pandemic and in line with the postponement of other high profile sporting events such as The Olympics where sailing is such a successful sport for the UK.

Our event had been selected as a centrepiece event for the Milton Keynes European City of Sport  (ECOS 2020) and we were thrilled about that and greatly disappointed at the need to postpone. We thank the MK ECOS team for their understanding.

We have already had a lot of interest in the event and for all of those sailors keen to participate in 2021 please contact our Founder Paul North for further information.

illuminis Software Solutions Chosen by IPE Global

MK based illuminis Insight Software has completed a deal to install their Octelas business information reporting software in IPE Global’s head office in New Delhi, India.

IPE Global Limited (IPE Global) is an international development consultancy group providing expert technical assistance in developing countries, across several sectors and practices, with subsidiaries in Africa, across Asia and in the UK through IPE Triple Line. With a clear focus on delivering positive impacts, the group partners with bilateral and multilateral agencies, governments, corporates and not-for-profit entities in anchoring development agenda for equitable development and sustainable growth.

Octelas from illuminis is a leading digital business information system developed to deliver cost effective solutions integration and single source reporting of all company data including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Mr Sanjay Agarwal, VP of IPE Global in New Delhi said, “We chose Octelas because of the tremendous success and service that our London office has experienced working with Mr Paul North the Founder of illuminis. The success of our projects and management depends on contemporaneous maintenance, review and control with a keen focus on realising profits as budgeted within the scope of the work. Octelas integrates easily with data from Oracle, our chosen ERP, providing bespoke modules designed to facilitate efficient project and time management including utilisation and forecast. We needed a fixed price installation and swift and efficient roll-out and our Managing Director Mr Ashwajit Singh and the whole team are impressed that nothing is too much trouble for Paul and his company to make this happen.

Mathis Primdal COO and VP of IPE Triple Line added, “We are confident that Octelas will streamline reporting for IPE Global in India as we have experienced in our UK business. With Octelas we have been able to connect our operations across locations into one integrated system, with ultimate business flexibility, that meet all our requirements to run an agile organisation. Octelas enables access to real time information, not only to those in senior management roles, but the wider employee group, as well as our external collaboration partners. Octelas is truly amazing and has enabled us to turn data into valuable information we need to manage and grow our business”

Illuminis Founder Paul North said, “Securing the work with IPE Global was achieved without the need to visit India and the installation and on-going support can also be managed effectively from the UK. This proves how clear the benefits of the system are from a simple on-line demonstration and it significantly recognises the power of Octelas as a practical data management system for businesses of any size. Octelas was originally designed for SME’s but this new opportunity is testament to the broad range of integrated, user friendly reporting enabled by our system.”

Octelas was installed into IPE Global’s 700 employee strong New Delhi India based business in February 2020.

For further information please contact.

Marian Livingstone, Communications Manager illuminis Insight Software Ltd 07836 583505

illuminis Finalists in National Technology Awards 2020

Milton Keynes based illuminis insight software is a finalist in the National Technology Awards 2020, Analytics Project of the Year category. The illuminis team will attend a prestigious awards evening   The London Marriott, Grosvenor Square where they hope to raise the winning trophy.

NTA has announced that the awards evening has been moved to 30th November from 7th May due to government advice on COVID 19.

Illuminis will have to wait a little longer to know if they will be successful but read on to see a summary of their analytic project.

Illuminis created the analytic project using their established business information system branded Octelas and scaling up to a completely new module for their client, IPE Triple Line.

IPE Triple Line is a UK based international development consulting company which supports the strengthening of environmentally sustainable, social and economic development for the public, private and voluntary sector.

Through Octelas, illuminis developers and data analysts have provided a solution for IPE Triple Line to access powerful and reliable operational analytics to greatly improve tracking and monitoring of their projects, resources and financials.  The software uses configuerable dashboards for extensive reporting and management insight. The new system has also enabled connection across locations into one integrated system, with ultimate business flexibility, that meets all of their requirements to run an agile organisation.

Founder of illuminis Paul North said, “We are thrilled to be finalists in the National Technology Awards with a project that I’m extremely proud of and one that has provided a key solution for our client and taken Octelas to a new level which adds value to our business. The success of the project in the UK has created a further opportunity for illuminis to roll out the system to the parent company, IPE Global in New Delhi India.”

Founded in 2012 in Milton Keynes, Illuminis Insight Software Limited comprises a team of five and has developed sophisticated entry-level, self-service Business Intelligence (BI) software specifically for SMEs. Octelas software is in use across the UK and worldwide in 7 countries on 3 continents.

Access your historical data even after switching your accounts package

Without access to past data, your business reporting isn’t giving you the full story

Traditionally, switching from one accounting system to another is a nightmare of major proportions for SMEs: not only does accounting software usually cost a small fortune to acquire, it is time consuming in the extreme and highly disruptive to install and get staff trained. On top of all that pain is the added trauma that all the business data from the old system is accessible only by read-only screens, with generally only one computer kept alive to allow access. In business reporting terms, it means starting again, reporting solely on current performance with very limited visibility on previous transactions.

Giving you seamless business reporting

With Octelas business reporting software installed in your business, we can take a snapshot of all the business data sitting in your old system as at the point it is switched off and then use this archive copy to marry up both old and new transactions completely seamlessly, creating full analytics capability for reporting that is just as detailed and transparent as if the switchover had never happened.

Octelas, the one-stop shop for all your business reporting

Our Octelas product is all you need for immediate, self-service business reporting across all your business. We connect all your data sources – and spreadsheets – into a single database stored on your equipment or cloud server. We set up the reports you need and our data analysts will keep on looking after you to meet your reporting needs. With a fixed price installation agreed upfront and a simple monthly fee, you always know exactly where you stand with us.

To find out more, check us out at and try out the product for yourself with no obligation by logging onto our demo site at You can call us on 01908 410480 and we will be very happy to tell you more about our software for SMEs.

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