The Value of Octelas Pivot Reports

Within a sophisticated digital business information system such as Octelas from illuminis, Pivot Reports gather seemingly unrelated packets of data together and then show comparisons – an example is the report you get on Amazon of the “customers who bought this also bought these items”, which is drawn from a Pivot Report similar to the one we have embedded in Octelas.

Octelas can find all the data you need, instantly and allow you to test all sorts of combinations of pairing goods to customers whilst you find the best solutions to add value for your customers and your business.

Octelas Pivot reports for seasonal solutions

You can use also use Pivot Reports to identify which stock groups sell at what time of year or to which types of customer which is a great asset for companies relying on a seasonal surge in sales at Christmas , Easter or the summer months.

Pivot Reports are included as standard in our Octelas software so following installation they are a “ready to go” report, self-service.

An example would be a customer selling plumbing consumables with a large range of products which fall into eight groups. He wants to upsell more product to existing customers. He can pull together on Octelas a report on the same day with one click, identifying all customers who bought items in one group but not others, with the volumes/value of sales in the chosen period.

Paul North

Paul North Founder of illuminis and developer of Octelas added,” We are currently helping a number of our clients improve their knowledge of their customers buying habits and improve their gross margin with the intelligence gathered through the Pivot Reports function of Octelas.”