teamwork at home

Want to keep up the momentum?

Like illuminis, your sales teams may be pushing on working remotely from home or some may be furloughed, and you are working out how to get the team back together and keep everyone motivated.

Either way this recession must be worked through and your sales teams need key business information and performance reported simply to keep them engaged, whatever limitations and distractions they may be working with at home.

In the absence of a weekly ‘get together’ sales review you need easy to access, totally current business reporting that doesn’t rely on endless spread sheets. Digital reporting is the way forward as it can be viewed on phone, tablet or laptop on the move and very easily at home.

Sales, stock and individual performance

Octelas digital business reporting from illuminis can share key overall and individual sales and performance and track KPI’s, you choose who gets to see what level of detail with secure access built in. With one click you can review current performance against previous weeks, months or years and look at projections moving forward, all information is updated daily or in real time if needed.

You can also keep a close eye on targets and performance with a useful ‘Push email’ reminder to team members reminding them automatically of key dates and tasks to ensure timely and accurate reporting.

Illuminis Founder and Octelas developer Paul North commented,” There couldn’t be a more important time for companies to truly understand the numbers in their businesses. Keeping a close eye on overall and individual performances and sharing strong current and accurate data to keep teams onside and ahead of the competition.”

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