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How it works

Business reporting software links all data sources together, including accounting software and even spreadsheets, capturing all of your company data into a single database. Access can be through computer, tablet or phone, where digitally it can be cross referred to give fast and easy insights into what is happening day by day. Suddenly the data in the business becomes one of its greatest assets , shining a light onto areas of the business with the greatest potential for growth and increased profits.

Redundant spreadsheets

For many businesses, the accounts system lies at the heart of their data pool whether the business uses the simplest accounting system or the most complex. It invariably means the bulk of the management information and decision making relies on detailed spreadsheets that absorb hours of time each week and are highly error prone and they can’t be digitally shared.

Business reporting software – often referred to as business intelligence software – renders spreadsheets redundant: in simple terms, because this software combines all sources of business data automatically once or more times every day. Then by means of some clever maths, the relevant bits of data are cross referred to give users an immediate answer to questions which previously took hours of painstaking work.

Most business intelligence software is very expensive to implement because it is bespoke to the needs of the individual client. SME’s can now access cost effective Business Reporting software tailored to their specific business requirements.

Choose the software tailored to your business needs

Octelas business reporting software from illuminis was designed to meet all of these challenges: its clever design means that no bespoke coding is needed to produce completely tailored reports, designed for the exact needs of the business. As a business management tool, reports are in tabular form which allows the user to drill down into any piece of data which has calculations behind it to make a deep dive into the issue with optional visualisations to give a top level overview. With one click you can see illuminating statistics like how much gross margin was earned on yesterday’s sales and performance comparisons quarter by quarter or year on year.

Reporting is truly self-service and can be shared easily with others which is particularly valuable when so many people are working from home and may not even have basic access to their accounts system.

Paul North, Founder of illuminis and Octelas Developer said, ”Our customers are delighted with the time and cost savings achieved with Octelas Business Reporting Software. It’s truly an invaluable tool for all SME companies to grow with successfully in these challenging times.”

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