You say that every team member can benefit from Octelas. What examples can you give me?

There is lots of research highlighting the gains to be made by engaging the whole workforce in improving workflow efficiency and increasing profits:

Much of the workflow efficiency savings come from areas of the business which involve multiple processes. A good example is the experience of one of our client companies which manufactures cable assemblies. Cable assemblies can involve up to 50 separate items, all of which have to be held in stock until needed. The customer order and warehouse management systems are not linked. The location of stock items had to be identified by manual look-up at the start of every day. This meant that hours of production time were being lost every working day. Not only that, it was also an incredibly boring and repetitive task.

The client asked his Illuminis data analyst for help. By making a simple change, their Octelas reporting software now reads in the stock location information against the customer orders every day. This has completely removed the need for a manual look-up. The company estimates that this one simple task has saved about 2 hours each working day. There was no charge to the customer for this service.

Our experience is that most businesses will come up with similar examples of time saving and workflow efficiencies once they have access to Octelas reporting software.