Who will get most use out of Octelas business intelligence software?

In our experience, every team member can benefit from access to Octelas. Owner managers and managing directors tell us that they value the ability to keep tabs on the business areas requiring closest attention day by day. Managers often have a number of favourite reports which they can get to with one click every day, usually  around 6.15pm after business has closed for the day.

Individual department managers will naturally focus on the areas of the business most important to them. Therefore the sales manager will place most emphasis on the daily or weekly performance of the sales team against sales targets.  Octelas allows him or her to look at the details of customer orders including  gross margins. The sales pivot report for example plots customer comparative buying patterns tracked against all or part of the product range.

Production managers often focus on stock reporting and perhaps status of jobs in progress.

Financial controllers are likely to value the ease with which they can drill down into the data of every transaction so as to efficiently manage general ledger items.