Is Octelas a dashboard product?

Octelas incorporates dashboards which are custom built to deliver the information you require. However, it is not a dashboard product. Octelas puts you in control of the whole of your business data and allows you to access that data in multiple ways. You can follow any query all the way through to the base data. For many reports, you can choose to view the data in tabular form or with visualisation.

By contrast dashboards are built on pre-selected amounts of data. They can only give access to that data. Octelas is unique in the SME space because it allows you to interrogate all of your business data. Your Octelas reports are configured so that you can filter the data yourself on a self service basis. Many reports allow you to choose a dashboard format as an alternative to a tabular report.

Data analyst advice is always available to you to maximise on the value to your business of using Octelas reporting software.