How will Octelas reporting software help my SME business?

You already create lots of data in your business. Almost certainly you already run reports from your accounting system and perhaps a CRM and other process management systems, in order to establish exactly what is happening day to day in your business.

Chances are that you manually input much of this data into spreadsheets so that you can combine it to get to key information such as customer gross margins, etc. If so then it’s a slow, laborious and time-consuming process.

Spreadsheets almost always contain errors and so placing too much reliance on them can be tricky The European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group exists to promote wider understanding of the scale of this risk: “Research on spreadsheet errors began over fifteen years ago. During that time, there has been ample evidence demonstrating that spreadsheet errors are common and nontrivial. Quite simply, spreadsheet error rates are comparable to error rates in other human cognitive activities and are caused by fundamental limitations in human cognition, not mere sloppiness. Nor does ordinary ‘being careful’ eliminate errors or reduce them to acceptable levels”. Ray Panko, 2000

Octelas is a complete solution to all your business reporting needs. It draws together all of the data in your business systems, including the spreadsheets you probably use to hold budgets and forecasts. Every day or several times a day, as you prefer, Octelas does a “data grab” from all of these systems to pick up changes entered that day. Typically Octelas will extract the data once a day at 6pm, when the days work is finished. However we have clients with very fast servers who like to update 2 or 3 times a day.

Octelas offers an extensive gallery of reports covering sales; purchases and stock as well as more specialist reports for particular sectors such as consultancy and retail/wholesale distribution.

The full suite of reports is available to you. Our data analysts will guide you as to the reports which best fit your needs. These will then be adapted to meet your exact requirements. Further adaptations can be made at any time at your request as part of your monthly access fee.