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Business reporting

Octelas provides you with a complete business reporting solution, working with Iris Exchequer, to vastly increase your business reporting opportunities resulting in increased profitability.

Octelas automatically combines all of your company’s data into a single database every day, you will be able to get the answers that you need on your PC, tablet or phone in just one click! This includes data from Iris Exchequer, CRM systems, spreadsheets, workflow and other data systems. Octelas also includes a suite of reports which are tailored by our data analysts to meet your exact needs.

With Octelas working with Iris Exchequer, you can:

  • Ditch the Spreadsheets: All of our customers that use Iris Exchequer have drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated, their need to create and maintain spreadsheets to analyse data locked up in the application.
  • Share: Octelas pulls data from Iris Exchequer daily and combines it with the data generated from all other sources within the company. Each team member can then access Octelas business reports with the functionality that has been set for them individually to view.
  • Spotting trends: With Octelas, you can instantly explore deeper into the reporting statistics, comparing year on year results and finding solutions to identify trends and increase business solutions to become more profitable. Octelas uses “push-reporting” emails to the end user to alert them to anomalies occurring within the system for urgent action to be taken.
  • Process Data: Octelas has the EntConvertlnts functionality inbuilt to fix data for users of Iris Exchequer that have the Pervasive SQL version.

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