We can connect Octelas business intelligence software to any ERP

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We haven’t found an ERP we couldn’t connect our software to

Your ERP or accounting system lies at the heart of your business data, holding most of your business critical data. We can connect our unique easy to use Octelas business intelligence software with all the major systems, some of which are highlighted below. All your business data joined up into one single, easy to use system to give you one click access to the reporting you need. This includes all that data sitting in spreadsheets; CRM; stock and process management systems – joined together and ready for you to get to the heart of your business story. The reports are tailored to your exact need by your illuminis data analyst. As your business changes, you can ask for your suite of reports to be amended or added to. Think of it as having your own in house data partner, always ready to advise you on getting the best out of your data. At no extra cost – just a single fixed monthly fee.

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