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Manufacturer GTK (UK) Ltd relies on the software and expertise of Illuminis Insight Software to enable everyone in the business to get to the exact data needed, for themselves and with no delay or fuss. In this short video, Operations Director Chas Shale explains how partnering with Illuminis Insight Software has benefited every area of the business.

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Paul North, Managing Director, illuminis Insight Software

Chas Shale, Operations Director, GTK


Hello and thank you for watching this short video. My name is Paul North and I’m the founder and MD of illuminis insight software, home of the illuminis business intelligence solution for SMEs.

Our offering to SMEs is unique we combine easy to use reporting software along with data analyst support as part of a single monthly fee.

Clients often tell us that our Octelas business intelligence software has transformed the way they do business. Or put it another way like every important job you need to do, it all gets so much easier when you have the right tools for the job.

But rather than take my word for it, on a recent zoom call we asked Chas Shale, operations director of our client GTK, to give his take on working with us.  GTK manufacture cable assemblies here in the UK and Romania.  Over to you Chaz.


Yes so I’m the manufacturing director here at GTK.  Once the materials get in the door through to getting them back out again is basically my remit.

Prior to working with illuminis GTK was a heavily Excel dependant business, I think as many small to medium businesses are.  We had access to data but it involved a lot of long windows Excel reports.

So there are two or three of us in the business who are pretty good on Excel and we’re the ones dealing with that for most people. So yeah it was more of a one size fits most I think.  We got what we could, we used it, but it certainly wasn’t what we now know is available far more readily.

What initially captured my attention for illuminis and the Octelas software was the availability of the data easily.  The access for non data literate people to be able to get basically everything they need within a few clicks rather than having to go and write custom XL reports. It really moves the onus of reporting on to the user rather than to the Excel literate few in the business.

The key value illuminis and the team have added is they’ve really taken the time to understand our data so we can support our customers better.  They understand our ERP system and where the data lives and how we store it.  Obviously that’s giving us the benefit of non technical staff basically getting that data rapidly without having to speak database languages and that sort of thing.

The key benefit for us I suppose is the outside the box thinking as well, we know what we do with our data at the moment but Paul knows what dozens of other companies do with their data and therefore has insights into “have you thought about looking at in this way” or “have you thought about this set of reports” that maybe you haven’t investigated because it’s not the way you currently looking things.

A lot of those reports are out of the box as well, so they are ready to go so again that that helped us to kind of gain a new insight into some of our data.  I think because you get used to seeing data certain way and the availability of other views I think it’s quite important to seeing data from another angle.

I think one of the biggest benefits we’ve had working with Paul and the team is the reactivity, the ability for us to either tailor or indeed create brand new reports with little to no notice and the speed at which Paul and the team can implement that is phenomenal. Because they understand us, they understand our data, and they understand what we’re trying to achieve.

So when I’m sending Paul a garbled message trying to get across exactly what I’m trying to look for, he gets it, he understands what it is that we’re looking for and he understands the best way to get there and it can literally be minutes sometimes to get this either a brand new report or a brand new way of looking at data.

Certainly from both a management and sales perspective where data is absolutely critical the ability to get that data back quickly I think just astounds everyone every time.

I think the general feeling in GTK for the ability to get all that data is one of power. At the end of the day, you can’t make a good decision without the right data backing it up and Octelas gives you that data at your fingertips whenever you want to see it.

So I think that gives us confidence to make those right decisions first time and be able to do so quickly.


So if like GTK you like the idea of a one stop shop for SME reporting combining excellent easy to use software with specialist advice and support which is always on tap then do get in touch. I’d love to give you a quick demo and show you how you too can have the reporting you need to level you really didn’t think possible at this price. Email me or visit our website and get in touch thank you.

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