Without access to past data, your business reporting isn’t giving you the full story

Traditionally, switching from one accounting system to another is a nightmare of major proportions for SMEs: not only does accounting software usually cost a small fortune to acquire, it is time consuming in the extreme and highly disruptive to install and get staff trained. On top of all that pain is the added trauma that all the business data from the old system is accessible only by read-only screens, with generally only one computer kept alive to allow access. In business reporting terms, it means starting again, reporting solely on current performance with very limited visibility on previous transactions.

Switch ERP

Giving you seamless business reporting

With Octelas business reporting software installed in your business, we can take a snapshot of all the business data sitting in your old system as at the point it is switched off and then use this archive copy to marry up both old and new transactions completely seamlessly, creating full analytics capability for reporting that is just as detailed and transparent as if the switchover had never happened.


Octelas, the one-stop shop for all your business reporting

Our Octelas product is all you need for immediate, self-service business reporting across all your business. We connect all your data sources – and spreadsheets – into a single database stored on your equipment or cloud server. We set up the reports you need and our data analysts will keep on looking after you to meet your reporting needs. With a fixed price installation agreed upfront and a simple monthly fee, you always know exactly where you stand with us.

To find out more, check us out at www.illuminis.co.uk and try out the product for yourself with no obligation by logging onto our demo site at https://www.illuminis.co.uk/demo/. You can call us on 01908 410480 and we will be very happy to tell you more about our software for SMEs.