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With mass home working the ‘new normal’ for management, can you fully access your accounting information easily through your ERP software to get answers to your critical business queries whenever you need them?

Most ERP systems have excellent core features – from recording day to day financial transactions to integrating stock; purchasing and CRM systems, but is it set up so that just the accounts team has access?

If this strikes a chord and alarm bells are going off now, we may well have the solution with our Octelas software business reporting system.

Octelas at home

This is fast, digital and doesn’t require any spreadsheets to show you how your business is performing.

In these challenging times you need to know what is happening day to day: which products are selling best; what gross margin you are achieving; which customers are buying what products; etc. So, typically managers resort to spreadsheets which are time consuming and error prone particularly when your main contact with your team is currently through conference calling. With Octelas you can screen share the important data to keep the whole team on track greatly enhancing the numbers in your ERP.

Using a highly granular and secure reporting system sitting on your own server, Octelas captures all the data from your ERP and any other data source. One click, self-service and it drills deep into the numbers to make sure you have intelligent and flexible business reports that can be viewed on any device.

Paul North

Paul North Founder of illuminis and developer of Octelas said,” This current situation will change the way we work in the future and we will all save time by using smart software to better understand our businesses and increase performance and profits.”

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