Business Reporting Software

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Business Reporting Software

Business reporting software links together accounting; stock management; production; CRM software – in fact all data sources, including spreadsheets – into a single database, automatically finding the cross connections and updating the whole data-set, automatically, every day or in real time.

You can get immediate answers to questions on business performance which now take hours of painstaking work, even assuming you can get to what you need at all.

Octelas business reporting software is designed specifically for SMEs like you: its clever design means easy to use tailored reports meeting your exact needs are live in your business in just a few days, completely eliminating reliance on spreadsheets.

Needing only the most basic familiarity with internet based devices, reporting is truly self service and available on any web enabled device – phone; tablet or PC.

To find out why you need business reporting software, read our guide here

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