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The illuminis business intelligence solution knows what your customers are buying – and what more you can sell to them

Watch the video to see how business intelligence gives you the no-cost way to make more sales

Everyone knows that the easiest, most profitable sales come from satisfied customers – but how do you spot these opportunities? The illuminis business intelligence solution makes this quick and effortless.

By matching every sale, every day to all the products you sell, a one click report spots the opportunities to sell more to customers based on their business type and what they currently buy from you.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and make the sale. It’s that simple.

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Paul North, Managing Director, illuminis Insight Software

Hello and thank you for watching this short video.

My name is Paul North and I’m the Founder and MD of Illuminis Insight Software, home of the Illuminis business intelligence solution for SMEs.

Today I want to talk to you about how you can use the power of business intelligence to spot more sales opportunities – effortlessly, every day. If that sounds just too good to be true then why not stick with me to the end of this video and let me show you what I mean.

Now we all know that the easiest way to increase sales is to sell more to existing customers. Well that’s often much easier said than done. With a large product list and complex customer needs, it’s a huge task to match every customer against all the products you could be selling to them. You can’t hold all that data in your head.

Spreadsheets aren’t the answer either – dealing with this amount of data is a huge task and it’s often immediately out of date.

But business intelligence software has the power to handle this with no effort at all. Every day or as often as you want.

It will process all this data for you using pivot tables. These tables can automatically process large amounts of data and will generate interactive reports showing summarised information, arranged into groups, meaning you can look at your dataset in lots of different ways, in order to get to the information you need.

In a nutshell, Pivot tables provide insights that would otherwise be difficult to see.

Let me show you what I mean.

Here’s a typical report – in this case matching customers with product groups showing what they bought, and crucially, what they didn’t buy, in each case.

By applying an appropriate sort to the table we can easily search for opportunities.

In this case, customers buying bolts but not nuts.

Depending on what makes sense in your business, the data can be matched in any number of ways – by product groups; by customer types; geographically – whatever you need.

So if you would like to have this level of data at your fingertips, every day, then take a look at the illuminis business intelligence solution.

Our offering to SMEs is unique: for a single monthly fee we give you a one stop shop for SME reporting, combining excellent, easy to use software with specialist advice and support which is always on tap.

I’d love to give you a quick demo and show you how you too can have the reporting you need, at a level you really didn’t think possible at this price.

Email me or visit our website and get in touch. Thank you

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