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Octelas Business Intelligence software gives your customers direct access to their data, securely, effortlessly

Why not let your customers track progress of orders for themselves? Octelas Business Intelligence software makes this easy and secure. In this short video, Paul North explains how the Octelas Customer Portal can give your customers instant and automatic access to the data in your systems that allows them to check for themselves on order status. Massively improve your customer service whilst freeing up your staff to focus on what they do best rather than dealing with routine queries.

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Paul North, Managing Director, illuminis Insight Software

Customer portal script

Hello and thank you for watching this short video.

My name is Paul North and I’m the Founder and MD of Illuminis Insight Software, home of the Illuminis business intelligence solution for SMEs.

Our offering to SMEs is unique. We combine reporting software along with data analyst support as part of a single monthly fee.

Today I want to tell you about our customer portal, which is an add-on module to our Octelas software.

As consumers we are now completely used to being able to track the status of our online shopping. Are our items in stock? Are there any special offers?  when is it due for delivery? And so on.

It’s become the minimum requirement for good customer service.

In the B2B world however, this level of customer access poses more of a challenge. Before you can give your customers seamless access to their data, first of all it has to be joined together.

But for users of our Octelas business intelligence software, alongside seamless internal business reporting, all the information needed to give your customers this very high level of service is right there, ready to be accessed.

So our customer portal module will quickly and easily give your customers instant access to the crucial information they need 24 7  – eliminating chasing phone calls and leaving your staff free to spend quality time with your customers, adding real value to their experience of dealing with you, with your company.

Importantly, the customer portal is an entirely separate, second installation of Octelas that sits alongside your main installation.

This means we can make sure that nothing is made available via the customer portal that you wouldn’t want to share. So there’s no risk of customers finding out things like profit margin information and so on.

Each individual customer has an email address login to give them access to just their own data so they can see the status of their orders, look at past orders, outstanding invoices,  perhaps even look at stock situation as well as seeing items in stock or what’s coming in.

Whatever makes sense for you to share with your customers.

And I can tell you, based on the feedback from our clients, that the impact both on efficiencies within your operation and  customer satisfaction is extremely high.

The customer portal ensures a much more streamlined use of your staff time and great customer service.

Remember, Illuminis is the one stop shop for SME reporting, combining excellent, easy to use software with specialist advice and support which is always on tap.

I’d love to give you a quick demo and show you how you too can have the reporting you need, at a level you really didn’t think possible at this price.

Email me or visit our website and get in touch. Thank you

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