Business Intelligence is the new way to access business data

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The illuminis business intelligence solution is the completely stress free way to get the business reporting you have always wanted

We know that you don’t ask for much when it comes to accessing your business data: you want to get the information you need quickly and easily, when you need it.

You would like to be able to share data around the business, effortlessly.

You want all your data sources linked together, with access that’s completely secure.

All this, without it costing an arm and a leg!

Well, now you can – plus data analyst advice at the end of a phone or email whenever you need it.

The illuminis business intelligence solution pulls all of you data sources – including ERP and spreadsheets – together into one place. With a completely intuitive, easy to use interface and reports tailored by us to your precise needs you will have 24/7 insight into your business.

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Jon Ellery, Managing Director, Marshall Amplification

Margaret Donnelly, Managing Director, Equilibrium Products

Alison Sherwood-Bruce, Sales Director, Equilibrium Products

Margaret: illuminis has made a huge impact on our business. We used to spend hours running reports on Sage.

Alison: So we used to have to do a complicated thing of extracting data, putting it into an Excel spreadsheet and then running various reports. Because it was a long and arduous process, we tended not to do it that often. Whereas of course now with illuminis you can literally do it really quickly. So, you know, if we’re having a conversation about something we can run a report there and then whilst we’re sitting at desks, or if you’re sitting outside a customer’s you can even run a report on your smartphone. So yeah, transformed the way we do business, really.

Jon: What I find great about illuminis is the fact that it’s an easy to use, easy to implement system. If I’m visiting a distributor or if I’m visiting anybody, or anywhere in the world, I can instantly get to that data, and that’s crucial, I mean data is King. If you know how your company is doing, if you can drill down, if you can look at specific data, that’s what you need to be able to do. Before a trade show I have spent two days, collecting, analysing data for that trade show. Because I have to go through the data, I have to write reports, I have to then feed it into Excel, I have to do all of that, I have to graph it up, but now with Illuminis a couple of presses of a button I have all the data. And what’s great is I don’t have to do it before the show, I can do it at the show.

Margaret: illuminis is just many faceted in how it really helps our business.

Jon: Because it’s a web-based application, you know, anybody can access it.

Alison: The best thing about illuminis is that finally I can answer a question about what a customer has taken and how much they paid for it and when they took it at a push of a button.

Margaret: I would recommend it to any small business. If you want to save time in crunching through numbers and really focus your attention on making a difference, then get illuminis and make it do all the work for you .

Jon: Personally, it’s probably saved me probably two or three days a month I would say, at least, possibly sometimes a day a week. So it’s a very powerful and useful tool. The system was easy to install. The system is cost effective to us and it delivers performance, and it delivers the quality of data that I needed. I’m a great believer in using IT for solving a problem – illuminis solves the problem.

Margaret: I can say it’s been probably one of our best investments in the 15 years that we have been running the company.

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