On 13th and 4th November, Illuminis headed off to the Liverpool Exhibition Centre to join some of the world’s leading suppliers of high-tech machinery and software solutions to UK manufacturing. Visited by 6000+ delegates, the event formed part of Digital Manufacturing Week sponsored by The Manufacturer magazine and Innovate UK, the government agency promoting the UK’s best and brightest companies. Excited by the opportunity to present their innovative business reporting software to manufacturers, large and small, MD Paul North said: “This was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our innovative software, Octelas, to a much wider audience drawn from across the whole of the UK. We were delighted by our reception: our cutting edge software, enabling SMEs to instantly access any of their business data without needing special skills, really struck a chord with the businesses we spoke too, giving us many leads to follow up on after the show.”

Much of the focus at the Expo was on enabling UK manufacturing to benefit from the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 technologies (often called the “Fourth Industrial revolution” because of the potential for intelligent digital technology to transform manufacturing in much the same way that steam power did in the first industrial revolution, followed in the 20th century by electronics and then computing). The “Internet of Things” as it is commonly called, is already transforming the ability of manufacturers to control every aspect of their operations in real time.
According to Paul North, digitisation of manufacturing will allow Octelas business reporting software to access data never before available: examples are endless but include the ability to identify, in the case of any single item manufactured , exactly how much it cost to produce in materials and labour.
The annual Smart Factory Expo showcases over 150 cutting edge exhibitors in 8 visitor zones: smart factory, digital transformation, internet of things, industrial automation, manufacturing innovation, cyber security, field service and supply chain & logistics.